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There are so many programs, algorithms, courses, and promises that exist when it comes to the trading field. It even evolved into different aspects such as forex, crypto, NFT, and a whole lotta other craziness that we don't want to bore you with. Unfortunately, with all this information out there, people became over-informed which caused a lot of confusion on what to trade, how to trade, who to listen to, and who to trust.

Vlad Tayman, a victim of this over-informed world of trading, created Trader Foundation. He struggled with understanding the market due to a lack of direction and confusion about where to turn. In addition, he suffered substantial losses strictly due to a lack of direction of what to do. He also lost many thousands trusting others who ran scams on people desperate for a way to make trading their craft.

After eventually finding the help he needed, his vision was to create a program that doesn't cheat the regular folks who are just trying to learn a system that is not as complicated as the current world made it out to be.

Trader Foundation is built of a culture of SIMPLICITY. We are focused on how to swing trade options (where you DON'T sit in front of the screen trying to time a day trade) in the most simplest way, and it's done through 1 on 1 coaching. We will not claim that we have a magical AI robot that will make you rich (because everyone would be), and we will not be sitting on an island next to our mansion asking you if you want to join us.


We will give the regular hard-working folks out there an opportunity to have us hold your hand and mentor you to a point where you have a strong foundation as a trader (hence the name of the company). This is the hardest thing for someone to provide for you because it takes work and patience, but that's why almost no one else does it. We feel like once we build you up and provide the proper tools you can use to make money, then and only then we can create a real plan for you to escape your 9-5 and start focusing on things like your family, friends, and vacations.


Scope Our Services


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Online Course

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Vlad Tayman

I was born in Kiev, Ukraine. My family and I came to America when I was 7. We were ridiculously poor. We lived in the poor neighborhoods of Brooklyn, NY. My parents worked in a local restaurant delivering food and waiting on tables, so you can imagine the money could have been better for new immigrants trying to find their way with no English and no friends to turn to.

Eventually, my family figured it out and ended up living the American dream: owning a house, having great careers, the picket fence, and all that other feel-good stuff. It was tough because we moved so much during my early development years. I went through 16 schools anywhere from Ukraine, Italy, New York, Wisconsin, and New Jersey, so making long-term relationships with people over the years was impossible.

Being an only child and going through all these changes resulted in social anxiety during high school, but I didn't want that to define me. So I decided at 17 to talk to as many people as possible by doing sales. That was the very beginning for me! I succeeded in it and eventually became a leader for a big corporation where I worked for 20 years. Finally, I reached the top of the corporate ladder and what people consider the American dream. I went from a young salesperson to manager and regional manager and eventually earned my favorite position, a training director.

Don't get me wrong, this was my dream too, but finally, it started to turn into a nightmare. When I was single, it was smooth sailing. I lived my job every moment and loved it; however, it was no longer fun once I started building a family that consisted of my wife and two kids.

Trying to manage all the hats I was wearing at the company with over 400 people under me, traveling the whole northeast, and being a dad just caused havoc. I'm not the type to slack on my responsibilities to eventually become human, and I started having severe mental issues because of all the stress. I knew I had to figure out a way out where I could still make the money I was making but focus most of my time on my family.

After many years of trials and tribulations, I had different opportunities with real estate, penny stocks, day trading, etc. Finally, I figured out Swing Trading Options, which ultimately allowed me to escape working for others.

After doing that for a few years, I decided it was time to give back to the universe by sharing my knowledge in a way that was shared with me through 1 on 1 coaching. That is the reason I designed this program! Anyone who figured out a way to create success for themselves. They should figure out a way to share it with others and contribute to the better good.


Steve Lapa

Vice President

With 20 years of leadership and ownership experience in the world of wireless. Steve Lapa developed and led teams to record-breaking results using a lead-by-example leadership style. This involves showing great care and appreciation for his teams, clients, and those above him. We are proud to have Steve lead Trader Foundation with the same vision. He believes we are all in this together. To make an imprint in the lives of others, you can't cheat the game. You must bring value by providing a great product and show care by communicating and listening to everyone in the organization and, most importantly, the clients. "The number 1 priority is to change peoples' lives in ways they have never imagined. Numbers and profits are just a side effect."

Chris Tayman

Head Of Sales Development

At 15, Chris Tayman got involved in Trader Foundation and decided he was all in on growing the company. But don't let the age fool you. Vlad's son has committed to mastering the game of trading and influence. After changing so many peoples' lives at such a young age, he has earned the opportunity to develop our internal team to take the company to the next level to be able to impact more lives and have thousands of other people able to free themselves financially. "I love being part of a team that impacts so many people. Too many people try to take others' money and focus on their selfish intentions. Being in a team culture that is focused on creating change is not only fun but addictive. Can't imagine doing anything else in my life."

Elliot Gumbs

Head Of Training & Development

Elliot started as a student of ours, coming from a world of a struggling trader. He was referred to us by another student to join our program because he felt like Elliot was losing money on the market and felt like we could help. To make the long story short, after taking the course, Elliot has been winning over 90% of his trades and was able to leave his job. With such impressive results, Vlad reached out to Elliot to see if he wanted to impact others' lives by coaching them. Although he never coached before, his passion for helping others made him obsessed with mastering the skill. Since then, he has developed hundreds of our clients who have seen incredible results. Today he continues to develop new traders.

Ariana Tayman

Head Of Customer Support

Besides being a fantastic wife to Vlad and a great mom to her son and her daughter. Ariana focuses on ensuring that all of our clients are taken care of and treated like royalty. She onboards all our clients 1 on 1, she's available to talk to if there are any questions, and she provides all feedback on what we can improve to continue to enhance the experience. She does a great job balancing her life by being a Wife, Mom, and head of PTA in her daughter's school.

Leo Gonzalez

Trading Coach

Leo started as a student who traded options but always lost. After taking our Elite Coaching Program, he became highly profitable trading with our Bounce Profit Strategy and Paycheck. Collector. Eventually, he became a coach to help others become great traders. He created a culture within our company that get together every week to share plays, wins, and


Erin Chawla

Trading Coach

Erin Chawla, a seasoned trading coach at Trader Foundation, brings a wealth of expertise in finance and trading. With a passion for helping others succeed, Erin specializes in technical analysis, risk management, and trading psychology. Her personalized coaching style and approachable demeanor make her a trusted mentor to traders of all levels. Outside of coaching, Erin enjoys traveling and exploring the outdoors. Join Erin on the path to trading success and achieve your financial goals with Trader Foundation.

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