Elite Coaching

Transform Your Trading and Secure Your Financial Future

Trader Foundation Elite Coaching is a mentorship and peer advisory program designed to help you replace your income from your 9-5 and create the financial freedom you have been looking for. Our program focuses on streamlining trading strategies, achieving financial goals, and realizing the ideal exit strategy from your job.

WHY Elite Coaching

Here’s How It's Different

  • Personalized Guidance:
    Our elite coaching program provides one-on-one guidance tailored to your unique trading goals, ensuring a personalized learning experience that meets your specific needs.

  • Exclusive Community:

    Join a select community of dedicated traders who share your passion and commitment. Exchange ideas, collaborate, and learn from like-minded individuals on the same journey to success.

  • Real-Time Analysis:
    Gain access to real-time market analysis and trends, empowering you with the latest insights to make informed trading decisions and maximize profits.

  • Continuous Support:

    We are committed to your long-term success. Beyond coaching sessions, you'll receive ongoing support to help you navigate the trading world, making sure you stay on track and achieve your financial goals.

1. Personalized Coaching Sessions

Experience tailored guidance like never before. Our personalized coaching sessions are designed to address your unique trading challenges and goals. Whether you're a beginner looking to build a strong foundation or an experienced trader aiming to fine-tune your strategies, our coaches will provide insights and strategies customized to your needs. This benefit ensures that every coaching session is directly relevant to your trading journey, helping you progress faster and more effectively.

2. Exclusive Market Insights

Stay ahead of the curve with exclusive market insights. As a member, you'll gain access to real-time analysis and trends. This benefit equips you with the latest information, allowing you to make informed trading decisions and seize profitable opportunities as they arise. Our insights help you navigate the dynamic world of trading with confidence.

3. Elite Community Access

Join an elite community of traders who share your passion and commitment. Being part of this exclusive network offers numerous advantages. You can exchange ideas, collaborate on strategies, and learn from fellow traders who are on the same journey to success. This supportive environment can be a game-changer, providing you with a strong network of like-minded individuals who understand the challenges and triumphs of trading.


Before vs After

  • Stuck in a 9-to-5 job.

  • Frustrated with financial limitations.

  • Lacked time and resources for trading.

  • Felt unfulfilled and unable to pursue his passion.

  • Achieved financial independence.

  • Quit the unfulfilling job.

  • Dedicates time to trading.

  • Thrives as a profitable trader.

  • Experiences financial freedom.

  • Pursues his true passion with enthusiasm.


Satisfaction guarantee

We are committed to your success. If you are not completely satisfied with your experience in our elite coaching program, we will work tirelessly to address your concerns and ensure your satisfaction. Your journey to trading success is our top priority.


Frequently Asked Questions

I want to inquire about the 1-on-1 Elite Coaching, but I would like more information about it and the process to get signed up.

A. Since we only take 16 people monthly, we need to ensure all our clients are educated on our strategy and process. That's why you must watch our 1hr training that breaks everything down for you. You can watch the training here: https://www.trader.foundation/watch01

B. Once you finish the full training, you will have an idea if this program is for you. The next step would be to set up a call with us so we can interview and see if you are a fit for the program. You can book your call here: https://www.trader.foundation/bookcalltoday

What is the cost of the 1-on-1 Coaching program?

The program is customized based on your goals and life conditions. After we have our discovery call, we can assess what would be the best approach for you, and then we would be able to provide the pricing for you. But once again, the first step is for you to:

A. Watch the 1-hour training where I break down one of our strategies and also what the program is all about. You can watch the training here: https://www.trader.foundation/watch

B. You can then book your discovery call here: https://www.trader.foundation/bookcalltoday

Do you do day trading?

Our program is designed to help people leave their job and have more free time, and live a less stressful lifestyle. It would make no sense for us to have you sit in front of a screen trying to catch a specific trade. That's actually the opposite of what we are trying to do. However, once you learn our strategy, some do like to day trade as a side hobby, so you can use our strategy for that as well. Our community reviews day trading.

How much do you need in your trading account to get started?

This one really depends on your situation and your goals. We utilize strategies, one called the bounce profit strategy that we use to build your account up. Here you can start as low as $100 and go from there. Of course in the beginning you would be paper trading (using fake money). The second strategy is the paycheck collector, here we would need more money to use as leverage. This is where you will make a more passive income using the money you've already made to make more money. Here we recommend at least $3000 to start off with.

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