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How To Master Options Trading With Our Simple 4M Process And Make $15k Per Month

Without Complicated Indicators, Sitting In Front Of Multiple Screens, or Following Someone Else's Picks.

What You Will Learn:

☑️ Part 1: A simple process we use to create new profitable traders without any complicated indicators, use crazy scanners, or watch the news.

☑️ Part 2: How to take two debit cards and turn them into your source of income that can replace your job.

☑️ Part 3: Top 5 Secrets that the 10% of the winners on the market don't want you to know.

☑️ Part 4: How the 4M process enabled people to quit their careers, spend more time with the family, take more vacations, and trade less than 5 hours a week.

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"This program has given me the skills I need to trade on my own and win over 80% of my trades. After my first day on the market I made over $12,000, I knew that this is going to be my way out of the retail industry.

I ended up leaving my job and focus more on being a dad.


"I've dabbled with options trading for many years, but I kept losing money to a point where it felt like gambling. Vlad's program gave me the a full trading plan to follow that gave me exactly what I was missing. I now use the Paycheck Collector Strategy to make $6000 per week on average."


Laurie was brand new to trading and wanted to substitute her income from her bridal business she lost during COVID. Within 90 days she has made $85,000. She now focuses more on spending quality time with her family.

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