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The Bounce Profit Strategy

Client Interviews

"I've dabbled with options trading for many years, but I kept losing money to a point where it felt like gambling. Vlad's program gave me the a full trading plan to follow that gave me exactly what I was missing. I now use the Paycheck Collector Strategy to make $6000 per week on average."

"If you want a program that produces consistent income, then this is it. With Vlad's Paycheck Collector, I'm now able to focus on creating an income outside of my job ."

"This program has given me the skills I need to trade on my own and win over 80% of my trades. After my first day on the market I made over $12,000, I knew that this is going to be my way out of the retail industry.

I ended up leaving my job and focus more on being a dad.

Laurie was brand new to trading and wanted to substitute her income from her bridal business she lost during COVID. Within 90 days she has made $85,000. She now focuses more on spending quality time with her family.

After taking some major losses in the market from the typical meme stocks people always talk about, Jennifer decided to take the leap and learn how to properly trade and build a true foundation for her self. 85% wins is her consistent performance at this point.

"I didn't have any previous experience, Vlad taught me how to make intelligent decisions, identify opportunities and reduce risk."

"After taking Vlad's program, I average $800 per day. After 90 days I left my Banker position, and now I play disc golf professionally. It's funny because people think people in banking should know how to make money, and it's quite the opposite."

After 60 days in the program, Sergio made $200,000 In One Month, had a $144,000 day and he left his real estate job within 90 days of starting the program. He now has his own car collection business which was always his dream.

Mark has been winning over 85% of his trades, and that when he decided to retire from his job early, and travel with his wife in his brand new RV.

Leo has traded in the past, but never had consistent gains. Since taking the program, he has made $4000 or more every week, and is now working with our team to help others change their life as well.

"Vlads teaches you how to risk less money to make more money."

Ron was tired of trying to learn from the internet and needed a way to become profitable on the market without the complications. He's now making 50% profits on all of his trades, and is winning on over 80% of his trades.

"I knew nothing about stocks prior to joining the course, Vlad broke it all down."

"If your thinking about quitting your job one day, retiring early, or just making a lot more money to get your life back then you need to take this coaching program. I am finally able to focus on things in my life I couldn't before. Plus unlike other strategies I am finally consistently earning a paycheck every single week."

" Vlad simplified everything, classes are an open conversation and you can ask anything."

"Nothing I learned online worked until I found Vlad's program.  He teaches the theoretical and the practical and how to work within your financial means."

After trying other programs, copy trading, and other tactics, Anthony couldn't make a profit on the market. After Investing in himself with us he's now winning over 80% of his trades.

"Learned to reduce risk and still make substantial gains by investing less money"

Jesus went from an 80% LOSS on his account to making HUGE gains of 60% profits with over 85% winning ratio on average! He was able to do that by dropping other programs that didn't have a structure, and focusing all his attention on our structured step by step program simple to comprehend and execute.

From Motley Fool, To Stock Advisors, Investors Place and Even Jim Cramer. Jim Tried it all and he kept losing money every single time. Now He’s consistently Making money trading options that he learned through our 4M process.

Jason was always confused by all the YouTube Videos, signals from others, and other things he has tried. He needed something simple to understand. After being mentored by Vlad, he now he's winning over 80% of his trades.

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